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When you look at the numbers, one thing you have to look at is that the marriage rate is a precipitous drop across the board. If you look at pop culture, media, where do you see positive images of marriage? That's for all races.
No question about that. Well, you know, the first question is one of self, right? And those are known as probably the mecca, right, of the single folks. Every day is hard work.

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You know, social media is a great tool.
And those are known as probably the mecca, right, of the single folks. Right, listen up, our next guest might be able to help you. He is a matchmaker and a dating coach and he's talking with us about dating in the modern age. I do want to talk about race for just one minute. Success could be looked at as marriages or it could be looked at as committed relationships. I'm asked a lot, with regard to race, because as you mentioned, I'm African-American, and with regard to, I'll call it the ethnicity issue, is that - one thing I've found is that love comes in unexpected packages. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player.
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